1. Overview statement - Cognitive style in life-long learning and management education and development: a European perspective           Steven J. Armstrong


2. Cognitive style and individual performance in management education: important effects for the new age of life-long learning             Steven J. Armstrong


3. Time to learn - Cognitive style and hypertext architecture            Martin Graff


4. A new time and new cognitive models: National differences in cognitive style and their implications for management education             Jeanne Hill


5. The creativity style of managers and business students             Řyvind Martinsen


6. Profiling style differences in the management of special education: leadership in the special school Stephen Rayner


7. The implications of cognitive style for management education & development: some evidence from the UK             Eugene Sadler-Smith


8. A new time and new models of training and management education: a Polish example     Agnieszka Sitko-Lutek & Anna Rakowska


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