A comparative study of the cognitive styles of business and management students in Greece and the UK

Michael Savvas, Gloucestershire Business School

Eugene Sadler-Smith, University of Plymouth Business School, UK

Some authors have asserted that cognitive style and national culture may not be related (for example Kubes, 1998) whilst others have asserted that there are cross national differences in cognitive style. For example Allinson and Hayes (1999) found that managers in North European and Latin cultures were more intuitive than their counterparts in developing countries and Arab countries. The present study aimed to compare mean CSI scores for samples drawn from similar contexts (under graduate business and management education) in different national cultural groups, namely Greece (Latin / South Central Europe and the UK (Anglo). CSI scores were obtained for over one hundred participants. The properties of the CSI as a measure, the effect of nationality upon style and the potential implications for international management and business education are discussed.

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