Learning Styles and Strategies: A Review of Research

Philip Adey

King's College London


In 1998 the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) commissioned form King's College London a review of research on learning styles and learning strategies, with educational users in mind. This review was completed and published in 1999 (Adey, Fairbrother & Wiliam, 1999), and in this presentation I will outline the methods we used for accessing literature, the process of selection and abstraction, the format of the publication which is designed for a non-technical audience, and some of the main findings which arose from the review. This session will offer plenty of opportunity for discussion of the review, some conclusions of which may be seen as undermining some 'sacred cows' of the Learning Styles establishment.

Adey, P., Fairbrother, R., & Wiliam, D. (1999). A review of research on learning strategies and learning styles. London: King's College London.

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