Disingenuous teachers, disenchanted learners - in search of authenticity in

teacher pupil relationships



Bridget Cooper, Leeds University, Leeds, UK



This paper is based on data from some ongoing research into values in education and the role of empathy in teacher/pupil relationships. The paper considers the issue of authenticity in teacher/pupil relationships as raised by the data from interviews of both pupils and teachers in this PhD project and also from the data from classroom observations of teaching and learning. How do teachers show authenticity in their relationships with pupils? In what ways might they show lack of authenticity? It considers the importance of authenticity to the building of trust and the relationship of this to learning. It also considers the relationship of authenticity to empathy and the implications this can have for learning. Finally it suggests possible implications for practice for Higher Education as well as schools in the maintenance of authenticity and trust in their relationships with students if they hope to support and facilitate learning.


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